Bibliography and Index of the Sirenia and Desmostylia  

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"Aranda-Manteca, Fran"

Aranda-Manteca, Francisco Javier (detail)
Aspectos paleoceanográficos y paleoecológicos de los fósiles del Mioceno, La Mesa La Misión, Baja California, México.
Rev. Soc. Mex. Paleont. 3(1): 97-116. 7 figs. 3 pls. Nov. 1990.
–Engl. summ. Discusses the occurrence of Metaxytherium cf. M. calvertense and Desmostylus cf. D. hesperus in the La Misión fauna (100, 103-104, 108, 111, pl. 3).
Aranda-Manteca, Francisco Javier (detail)
Coexistencia competitiva Sirenia-Desmostylia. [Abstr.]
Memoria del IV Congreso Nacional de Paleontologia, Resumenes (Sociedad Mexicana de Paleontologia): 17-18. Oct. 1993.
Aranda-Manteca, Francisco Javier; Domning, Daryl Paul; Barnes, Lawrence G. (detail)
A new Middle Miocene sirenian of the genus Metaxytherium from Baja California and California: relationships and paleobiogeographic implications. In: A. Berta & T. A. Deméré (eds.), Contributions in marine mammal paleontology honoring Frank C. Whitmore, Jr.
Proc. San Diego Soc. Nat. Hist. 29: 191-204. 3 tabs. 13 figs. May 1, 1994.
–Revs.: S. A. McLeod, Jour. Vert. Pal. 16(1): 183-185, Mar. 19, 1996; J. E. Heyning, Mar. Mamm. Sci. 12(2): 326-329, "Apr. 1996" (publ. Mar. 29, 1996). Spanish summ. Describes the new species Metaxytherium arctodites, and interprets it as structurally ancestral to the Hydrodamalinae. Also places Hesperosiren in the synonymy of Metaxytherium, and synonymizes M. calvertense with M. crataegense (new combination).
Aranda-Manteca, Francisco Javier; Barnes, Lawrence G. (detail)
Jamilcotatus kumiaica, a new genus and species of middle Miocene desmostylian. [Abstr.]
Memoria del VI Congreso Nacional de Paleontologia, Resumenes (Sociedad Mexicana de Paleontologia) 6: 4-6. Feb. 1998.
–The new names here are nomina nuda.

Daryl P. Domning, Research Associate, Department of Paleobiology, National Museum of Natural History, Smithsonian Institution, Washington, D.C. 20560, and Laboratory of Evolutionary Biology, Department of Anatomy, College of Medicine, Howard University, Washington, D.C. 20059.
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