Bibliography and Index of the Sirenia and Desmostylia  

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"Artedi, Petrus"

Artedi, Petrus (detail)
Ichthyologia sive opera omnia de piscibus scilicet: Bibliotheca ichthyologica. Philosophia ichthyologica. Generum piscium. Synonymia specierum. Descriptiones specierum. Omnia in hoc genera perfectiora, quam Anthea ulla. Posthuma vindicavit, recognovit, cooptavit & edidit Carolus Linnaeus, Med. Doct. & Ac. Imper. N. C. [Pars Tertia.] Genera piscium. In quibus systema totum ichthyologiae proponitur cum classibus, ordinibus, generum characteribus, specierum differentiis, observationibus plurimis. redactis speciebus 242 ad genera 52. Ichthyologiae Pars III.
Lugduni Batavorum [= Leiden], Conrad Wishoff: 1-84.
–Allen 209. Here the name Trichechus was first coined for the manatee, and also applied to the dugong (79).
  Peter Artedi and Carl Linnaeus were fellow students and, later, collaborators in an ambitious project to classify the natural world. In The Linnean 17(1): 32, Jan. 2001, we find the following: "Sadly Artedi was drowned in an Amsterdam canal in the early hours of September 28th 1735, following a convivial evening, drinking with his employer Albertus Seba. Previously, Linnaeus and Artedi had made a pact - if one should die, then 'the other would regard it as a sacred duty to give to the world what observations might be left behind by him who was gone.' Accordingly, in 1738, Linnaeus published Artedi's posthumous work Icthyologia [sic]. In so doing, Linnaeus has shown us what an important part Artedi played in the birth of systematics and the methodology he himself used in the Systema [Naturae]."

Daryl P. Domning, Research Associate, Department of Paleobiology, National Museum of Natural History, Smithsonian Institution, Washington, D.C. 20560, and Laboratory of Evolutionary Biology, Department of Anatomy, College of Medicine, Howard University, Washington, D.C. 20059.
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