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"Lawler, Ivan R."

Lawler, Ivan R.: SEE Marsh et al., 1996; Marsh, Harris, & Lawler, 1997; Preen et al., 1997. (detail)
Marsh, Helene D.; Corkeron, Peter J.; Lawler, Ivan R.; Lanyon, Janet M.; Preen, Anthony R. (detail)
The status of the dugong in the Southern Great Barrier Reef Marine Park.
Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority Research Publ. No. 41: 1-80. 7 tabs. 7 figs. 2 appendix tabs. 7 appendix figs. Oct. 1996.
Marsh, Helene D.; Harris, A. N. M.; Lawler, Ivan R. (detail)
The sustainability of the indigenous dugong fishery in Torres Strait, Australia/Papua New Guinea.
Conserv. Biol. 11(6): 1375-1386. 8 tabs. 4 figs. Dec. 1997.
–Spanish summ. On the basis of aerial surveys in 1987 and 1991 and catch statistics, concludes that the annual catch approximates 5% of the estimated dugong population and is likely to be unsustainable. An increase in the Torres Strait population between the aerial surveys is thought to have been due to redistribution of dugongs within the survey region or to immigration, probably from Irian Jaya. For effective dugong management, the Torres Strait Islanders must be involved in management decisions and efforts.
Preen, Anthony R.; Marsh, Helene D.; Lawler, Ivan R.; Prince, Robert I. T.; Shepherd, R. (detail)
Distribution and abundance of dugongs, turtles, dolphins and other megafauna in Shark Bay, Ningaloo Reef and Exmouth Gulf, Western Australia.
Wildl. Res. 24(2): 185-208. 5 tabs. 10 figs.
–Aerial surveys in 1989 and 1994 estimated populations of about 10,000 dugongs at Shark Bay and about 1,000 each at Ningaloo Reef and Exmouth Gulf. Extension of the Shark Bay Marine Park to coincide with the marine section of the Shark Bay World Heritage Area is recommended.
Marsh, Helene D.; Lawler, Ivan R. (detail)
Dugong distribution and abundance in the Southern Great Barrier Reef Marine Park and Hervey Bay: results of an aerial survey in October-December 1999.
Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority Research Publication No. 70: 25-87. 8 tabs. 3 figs. 3 appendix tabs.
–Publ. together with Marsh et al. (2001).
Marsh, Helene D.; Lawler, Ivan R. (detail)
Dugong distribution and abundance in the Northern Great Barrier Reef Marine Park: November 2000.
Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority Research Publication 77.
André, Jessica; Lawler, Ivan R. (detail)
Near infrared spectroscopy as a rapid and inexpensive means of dietary analysis for a marine herbivore, dugong Dugong dugon.
Mar. Ecol. Prog. Ser. 257: 259-266.
Chilvers, B. Louise; Delean, Steven; Gales, Nicholas J.; Holley, David K.; Lawler, Ivan R.; Marsh, Helene D.; Preen, Anthony R. (detail)
Diving behaviour of dugongs, Dugong dugon.
Jour. Exper. Marine Biol. Ecol. 304: 203-224.
–The following Corrigendum to this article was published in Jour. Exper. Marine Biol. Ecol. 315: 115, 2005: {{"The authors regret to inform you of an error in Figure 1 of this article. Two place names in Figure 1 have been mislabelled. The location labelled as Hervey Bay is actually Shoalwater Bay and the location labelled Shoalwater Bay is Hervey Bay.
 "Apologies for any confusion this error may have caused."}}
Heinsohn, Robert; Lacy, Robert C.; Lindenmayer, David B.; Marsh, Helene D.; Kwan, Donna; Lawler, Ivan R. (detail)
Unsustainable harvest of dugongs in Torres Strait and Cape York (Australia) waters: two case studies using population viability analysis.
Animal Conservation 7(4): 417-425. 6 tabs. 3 figs. Nov. 2004.
Marsh, Helene D.; Lawler, Ivan R.; Kwan, Donna; Delean, Steve; Pollock, Kenneth H.; Alldredge, Matthew W. (detail)
Aerial surveys and the potential biological removal technique indicate that the Torres Strait dugong fishery is unsustainable.
Animal Conservation 7: 435-443. 5 tabs. 3 figs.
André, Jessica; Gyuris, Emma; Lawler, Ivan R. (detail)
Comparison of the diets of sympatric dugongs and green turtles on the Orman Reefs, Torres Strait, Australia.
Wildlife Research 32(1): 53-62.
Chilvers, B. Louise; Lawler, Ivan R.; Macknight, F.; Marsh, Helene D.; Noad, M.; Paterson, R. (detail)
Moreton Bay, Queensland, Australia: an example of the co-existence of significant marine mammal populations and large-scale coastal development.
Biol. Conserv. 122: 559-571.
Aragones, Lemnuel V.; Lawler, Ivan R.; Foley, W. J.; Marsh, Helene D. (detail)
Dugong grazing and turtle cropping: grazing optimization in tropical seagrass systems?
Oecologia 149(4): 635-647.
Holley, David K.; Lawler, Ivan R.; Gales, Nicholas J. (detail)
Summer survey of dugong distribution and abundance in Shark Bay reveals additional key habitat areas.
Wildlife Research 33(3): 243-250.
Lawler, Ivan R.; Aragones, Lemnuel V.; Berding, N.; Marsh, Helene D.; Foley, W. J. (detail)
Near infrared spectroscopy is a rapid cost effective predictor of sea grass nutrients.
Jour. Chem. Ecol. 32: 1353-1365.
Maitland, R. N.; Lawler, Ivan R.; Sheppard, James K. (detail)
Assessing the risk of boat strike on dugongs (Dugong dugon) at Burrum Heads, Queensland, Australia.
Pacif. Conserv. Biol. 12: 321-327.
Pollock, Kenneth H.; Marsh, Helene D.; Lawler, Ivan R.; Alldredge, Matthew W. (detail)
Estimating animal abundance in heterogeneous environments: an application to aerial surveys for dugongs.
Jour. Wildlife Management 70: 255-262.
Sheppard, James K.; Preen, Anthony R.; Marsh, Helene D.; Lawler, Ivan R.; Whiting, Scott D.; Jones, Rhondda E. (detail)
Movement heterogeneity of dugongs, Dugong dugon (Müller) over large spatial scales.
Jour. Exper. Mar. Biol. Ecol. 334(1): 64-83.
Sheppard, James K.; Lawler, Ivan R.; Marsh, Helene D. (detail)
Seagrass as pasture for seacows: landscape-level dugong habitat evaluation.
Estuarine, Coastal & Shelf Science 71(1-2): 117-132. 3 tabs. 9 figs. Published online Aug. 30, 2006.
Sheppard, James K.; Jones, Rhondda E.; Marsh, Helene D.; Lawler, Ivan R. (detail)
Effects of tidal and diel cycles on dugong habitat use.
Jour. Wildl. Management 73: 45-59.
Sheppard, James K.; Marsh, Helene D.; Jones, Rhondda E.; Lawler, Ivan R. (detail)
Dugong habitat use in relation to seagrass nutrients, tides, and diel cycles.
Mar. Mamm. Sci. 26(4): 855-879. 4 tabs. 7 figs. Oct. 2010.
Aragones, Lemnuel V.; Lawler, Ivan R.; Marsh, Helene D.; Domning, Daryl Paul; Hodgson, Amanda J. (detail)
The role of sirenians in aquatic ecosystems. Chap. 1 in: E. M. Hines et al. (eds.), Sirenian conservation: issues and strategies in developing countries (q.v.).
Gainesville, University Press of Florida (xiv + 326): 4-11. 2 tabs. 1 fig. 1 map.
–Includes a box essay by Domning (p. 6, "Rostral deflection in sirenians").

Daryl P. Domning, Research Associate, Department of Paleobiology, National Museum of Natural History, Smithsonian Institution, Washington, D.C. 20560, and Laboratory of Evolutionary Biology, Department of Anatomy, College of Medicine, Howard University, Washington, D.C. 20059.
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