Bibliography and Index of the Sirenia and Desmostylia  

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Qi, Jingfen (detail)
Breeding of the West Indian manatee (Trichechus manatus Linn.) in captivity.
Acta Theriol. Sinica 4(1): 27-33. 4 tabs. 2 figs. Feb. 1984.
–In Chinese; Engl. summ.
Qiu, Y. (detail)
The heart of newly-born North American manatee.
Chinese Wildlife 1993(3): 40. Illus.
Qiu, You-xiang (detail)
[On management of the manatee.]
Chinese Wildlife 1985(5): 35-36.
–In Chinese. Describes the captive facilities and diet of two T. manatus from Mexico kept in Beijing for the past 8 years. Mentions the births of two calves of this pair, of which one died. Also describes the treatments given for several bacterial infections.
Qiu, You-xiang (detail)
[The growth of a calf of the manatee (Trichechus manatus).]
Chinese Jour. Zool. 23(2): 36-37. 3 tabs.
–In Chinese.
Qiu, You-xiang (detail)
[Some morphological data on the newborn manatee.]
Chinese Jour. Zool. 23(4): 37-38, 40. 2 tabs. 3 figs.
–In Chinese.
Quandt, Christlieb (detail)
Nachricht von Suriname und seinen Einwohnern; sonderlich der Arawacken, Warauen und Karaiben, von den nützlichsten Gewächsen und Thieren des Landes, den Geschäften der dortigen Missionarien der Brüder-unität und der Sprache der Arawacken.
Görlitz, printed by J. G. Burghart: xiv + 2 + 316. 2 pls. 1 map.
–Manatees in the Corantijn and Neuker (= Nickerie) rivers, 107-109. Husson (1978: 335) suggested that the "Wassermenschen" described by Quandt (104, 107) might have been giant otters (Pteronura) rather than manatees.
Quang, Le Hai: SEE Smith et al., 1997. (detail)
Quay, T. L.: SEE Smith et al., 1960. (detail)
Queirós, João de S. José (detail)
Viagem e visita do sertão em o Bispado do Grão-Pará.
Rev. Inst. 9: 87.
–According to Veríssimo (1895: 100), the earliest mention of the use of fat or oil of Amazonian manatees.
Quintana-Rizzo, Ester; Reynolds, John E., III (detail)
Regional management plan for the West Indian manatee (Trichechus manatus), United Nations Environment Programme.
United Nations Environment Programme, CEP Technical Report (Kingston, Jamaica, UNEP).
–Republished (revised?) as CEP Technical Report No. 48, 2010.
Quintero, Hector: SEE Freeman & Quintero, 1990. (detail)
Quiring, D. P. (detail)
Functional anatomy of the vertebrates.
New York, McGraw-Hill: 1-624.
–Gives thyroid gland weights of T. manatus.
Quiring, D. P.; Harlan, Charles F. (detail)
On the anatomy of the manatee.
Jour. Mamm. 34(2): 192-203. 3 figs. May 14, 1953.
–Describes the gross anatomy of two Florida manatees, including their external features, skeleton (described in considerable detail), and viscera (covered much more cursorily). Some measurements and organ weights are given, as well as some histological observations. A "thin ligamentous band" representing a clavicle is said to have been observed.
Quoy, Jean René Constant; Gaimard, Joseph (detail)
Zoologie. Vol. 1. In: J. Dumont d'Urville, Voyage de découvertes de l'Astrolabe exécutée par ordre du Roi, pendant les années 1826-1827-1828-1829.
Paris, J. Tastu.
–Sirs., 143, pl. 27. Sir. material in vol. 2 also?

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