Bibliography and Index of the Sirenia and Desmostylia  

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Yabe, Hisakatsu: SEE ALSO Desmostylus Research Committee. (detail)
Yabe, Hisakatsu (detail)
Relative antiquity of the Naiporo and Estru coal-bearing group of the Japanese Saghalin.
Proc. Imper. Acad. Tokyo 10: 282-285.
Yabe, Hisakatsu (detail)
Stratigraphical position of Eostegodon pseudolatidens Yabe and Desmostylus japonicus Tokunaga and Iwasaki. I.
Proc. Imper. Acad. Japan 32(4): 270-275.
Yabe, Hisakatsu (detail)
A problem on the geological range and geographical distribution of desmostylids.
Trans. Proc. Pal. Soc. Japan (n.s.) No. 33: 44-51. Illus.
Yabe, Hisakatsu; Ijiri, Shoji (detail)
Die Entdeckung der versteinerten Arteria alveolaris mandibularis und Vena alveolaris mandibularis am 2M von Desmostylella typica Nagao.
Proc. Imper. Acad. Japan 30(9): 873-876. 3 figs.
Yabe, Hisakatsu; et al. (detail)
Study of Desmostylus (first report).
Jour. Geol. Soc. Japan 57(670): 256.
Yabe, Hisakatsu; Takai, Fuyuji; Ijiri, Shoji; Shikama, Tokio (detail)
Studies of Desmostylus (second report).
Jour. Geol. Soc. Japan 58(682): 315.
Yablokov, Alexei V.: SEE ALSO Johnson & Yablokov, 1984. (detail)
Yablokov, Alexei V. (detail)
[By way of a foreword. Marine mammals and man.] In: A. V. Yablokov (ed.), [Marine mammals.]
Moscow, "Nauka" (Akad. Nauk SSSR) (312 pp.): 5-12.
–In Russian.
Yahata, Masahiro: SEE ALSO Igarashi et al., 2000; Kimura et al., 1998. (detail)
Yahata, Masahiro (detail)
Paleoenvironment of desmostylian habitat, and Cenozoic tectonics in Hokkaido and Sakhalin, northwestern Pacific Ocean. In: Inuzuka et al. (eds.), Evolution of Desmostylia ... (q.v.).
Bull. Ashoro Mus. Pal. No. 1: 67-84. 4 figs. + 4 charts in appendix. Mar. 29, 2000.
–In Japanese; Engl. summ.
Yahata, Masahiro; Kimura, Masaichi (detail)
Modes of occurrence of desmostylian fossils in Hokkaido and Sakhalin, northwestern Pacific Ocean. In: Inuzuka et al. (eds.), Evolution of Desmostylia ... (q.v.).
Bull. Ashoro Mus. Pal. No. 1: 35-56. 4 tabs. 4 figs. + 12 figs. in 2 appendices. Mar. 29, 2000.
–In Japanese; Engl. summ.
Yakovlev, Petr: SEE Brandt, J. F., 1868a; Domning, D. P., 1978b; Pekarskiy, P. P., 1867. (detail)
Yakovlev, Yuri M. (detail)
[The year of bull and sea bulls.]
Biologia Morya 23(2): 125-126. 5 figs.
–In Russian; Engl. version of journal published as Russian Jour. of Marine Biology. Briefly discusses Dugong and Hydrodamalis (125).
Yakutchik, Maryalice (detail)
Florida's besieged manatees.
Defenders, Winter 2002:
Yalden, Derek W.; Largen, M. J.; Kock, D. (detail)
Catalogue of the mammals of Ethiopia: 6. Perissodactyla, Proboscidea, Hyracoidea, Lagomorpha, Tubulidentata, Sirenia and Cetacea.
Monit. Zool. Ital. (N.S.) Suppl. 21(4): 31-103. 10 figs. June 30, 1986.
–Italian summ.
Yamada, Y.: SEE Onodera et al., 1967. (detail)
Yamaguchi, M.: SEE Nishiwaki et al., 1982. (detail)
Yamaguchi, Shoichi: SEE ALSO Matsui et al., 1984; Shibata et al., 1981. (detail)
Yamaguchi, Shoichi (detail)
Discovery of Desmostylus from Kamitokushibetsu, Utanobori, Hokkaido.
Geological News 281: 15-19.
–In Japanese.
Yamaguchi, Shoichi; Inuzuka, Norihisa; Matsui, Masaru; Akiyama, Masahiko; Kambe, Nobukazu; Ishida, Masao; Nemoto, Takabumi; Tanitsu, Ryotaro (detail)
On the excavation and restoration of Desmostylus from Utanobori, Hokkaido.
Bull. Geol. Surv. Japan 32(10): 527-543. 3 tabs. 11 figs. 3 pls.
–In Japanese; Engl. summ.
Yamaguti, S. (detail)
Studies on the helminth fauna of Japan. Part 35. Mammalian nematodes, II.
Jap. Jour. Zool. 9: 409-439.
Yamaki, Z.: SEE Suzuki et al., 1986. (detail)
Yamakoshi, Megumi: SEE Best et al.; Montgomery et al., 1981. (detail)
Yamamoto, K.: SEE Asano et al., 1978. (detail)
Yamamuro, Masumi (detail)
Importance of epiphytic cyanobacteria as food sources for heterotrophs in a tropical seagrass bed.
Coral Reefs 18(3): 263-271. Sept. 1999.
Yamamuro, Masumi; Aketa, Kana; Uchida, Senzo (detail)
Carbon and nitrogen stable isotope ratios of the tissues and gut contents of a dugong from the temperate coast of Japan.
Mammal Study 29(2): 179-183. 3 tabs. 3 figs.
Yamamuro, Masumi; Chirapart, A. (detail)
Quality of the seagrass Halophila ovalis on a Thai intertidal flat as food for the dugong.
Jour. Oceanography 61(1): 183-186.
Yamamuro, Masumi; Umezawa, Yu; Koike, Isao (detail)
Seasonality in nutrient concentrations and stable isotope ratios of Halophila ovalis growing on the intertidal flat of SW Thailand.
Limnology 2(3): 199-205. Dec. 2001.
Yamanoi, Tohru (detail)
Paleoplants for Desmostylia.
Monogr. Assoc. Geol. Collab. in Japan 28: 25-34. 2 tabs. 9 figs. May 1984.
–In Japanese; Engl. summ. See also T. Kamei (1984).
Yamasaki, Fusao: SEE ALSO Kamiya & Yamasaki, 1981. (detail)
Yamasaki, Fusao; Komatsu, Shunro; Kamiya, Toshiro (detail)
A comparative morphological study on the tongues of manatee and dugong (Sirenia).
Sci. Rept. Whales Res. Inst. 32: 127-144. 2 tabs. 22 figs. Dec. 1980.
Yamasaki, Fusao; Komatsu, Shunro; Kamiya, Toshiro (detail)
An anatomical note on the tongue of the dugong, Dugong dugon. In: H. Marsh (ed.), The dugong. Proceedings of a seminar/workshop held at James Cook University of North Queensland 8-13 May 1979 (q.v.).
[Townsville (Australia)], James Cook Univ. (vii + 400): 182-191. 7 figs.
–Describes the gross and microscopic anatomy of two dugong tongues and compares them with T. senegalensis.
Yamashita, Kinji (detail)
Marine mammals recorded in ancient documents - 4. Steller sea lion, sea otter and dugong.
Aquabiology 13(1): 50-53. 2 figs.
–In Japanese.
Yamashita, Shigeru: SEE Furusawa et al., 1993. (detail)
Yamato, C.; Ichikawa, K.; Arai, N.; Tanaka, K.; Nishiyama, T.; Kittiwatanawong, K. (detail)
Development of an automatic detection method for dugong feeding sounds in an intertidal seagrass bed.
Journal of Advanced Marine Science and Technology Society 26(1): 1-9.
Yamazaki, Nobutoshi; Ikeuchi, Yasushi (detail)
Restoration of Desmostylus walking by quadrupedal musculo-skeletal robot. In: Inuzuka et al. (eds.), Evolution of Desmostylia ... (q.v.).
Bull. Ashoro Mus. Pal. No. 1: 167-172. 2 tabs. 13 figs. Mar. 29, 2000.
–In Japanese; Engl. summ.
Yamazaki, Nobutoshi; Umeda, Masahiro (detail)
Biomechanical restoration of Desmostylus walking by computer simulation. In: Inuzuka et al. (eds.), Evolution of Desmostylia ... (q.v.).
Bull. Ashoro Mus. Pal. No. 1: 159-165. 4 tabs. 13 figs. Mar. 29, 2000.
–In Japanese; Engl. summ.
Yan, Jiahau; Clifton, Kari B.; Mecholsky, John J., Jr.; Reep, Roger Lyons (detail)
Fracture toughness of manatee rib and bovine femur using a chevron-notched beam test.
Jour. Biomechanics 39: 1066-1074. 3 tabs. 6 figs.
Yan, Jiahau; Clifton, Kari B.; Reep, Roger Lyons; Mecholsky, John J., Jr. (detail)
Application of fracture mechanics to failure in manatee rib bone.
Jour. Biomechanical Engineering - Trans. ASME 128(3): 281-289.
Yan, Z.; Niezrecki, C.; Beusse, D. O., Jr. (detail)
Background noise cancellation for improved acoustic detection of manatee vocalizations.
Jour. Acoustical Soc. Amer. 117(6): 3566-3573.
Yan, Z.; Niezrecki, C.; Cattafesta, L. N., III; Beusse, D. O. (detail)
Background noise cancellation of manatee vocalizations using an adaptive line enhancer.
Jour. Acoust. Soc. Amer. 120(1): 145-152.
Yang, C. M.: SEE Ho et al., 1994; Sigurdsson & Yang, 1990. (detail)
Yang, Guang; Zhou, Kaiya (detail)
Incidental catch and its impact on marine mammal populations.
Yingyong Shengtai Xuebao 7(3): 326-331.
–In Chinese; Engl. summ.
Yapa, A.; Ratnavira, G. (detail)
The mammals of Sri Lanka.
Colombo, Field Ornithology Group of Sri Lanka, Univ. of Colombo: 1-1,012. Illus.
–Rev.: B.K. Lim, Jour. Mammalogy 96(2): 460-462, Apr. 2015.
Yaptinchay, Arnel Andrew S. P.: SEE Alava & Yaptinchay, 1997; Eduardo et al., 1998; Kataoka et al., 1995. (detail)
Yarnall, Ellis H. (detail)
The Swedish Arctic Expedition.
Amer. Naturalist 13(12): 791-793. Dec. 1879.
–Reports news of Nordenskiöld's voyage in the "Vega", mentioning (793) that in 1879 {"... they visited Behring island, where remains of the gigantic animal, Rhytina stelleri, exist, and bones sufficient to constitute several almost perfect skeletons were obtained."}
Yates, Lorenzo Gordin: SEE ALSO Camp, C. L., 1940, 1963. (detail)
Yates, Lorenzo Gordin (detail)
The marine monster of Alameda County.
Pacific School & Home Jour. 1(3): 77-79. May 1877.
–The earliest published description of "a new undescribed cetacean" (Desmostylus), supposedly from Alameda County, California (but see J. C. Merriam, 1911). Later that year this article was partly reprinted in the Alameda County Independent and as a broadside; a facsimile of the latter is reproduced in C. L. Camp (1963: 388).
Yates, Lorenzo Gordin (detail)
Prehistoric fauna of California.
Bull. So. Calif. Acad. Sci. 2: 17-22, 87-93, 97-101, 113-118. 3 figs. Pls. 9-12.
–Desmostylians, 20, figs. 1-3.
Ye, Zheng (detail)
[Primitive desmostylian fossils are discovered in America.]
Vertebrata PalAsiatica 23(1): 85. Jan. 1985.
–In Chinese. Refers to the specimens subsequently described as Behemotops by Domning, Ray & McKenna (1986).
Yeo, S. L.: SEE Ho et al., 1994. (detail)
Yepes, José: SEE ALSO Cabrera & Yepes, 1940. (detail)
Yepes, José (detail)
Mammals. In: L. Cendrero (ed.), Zoologia hispano-americana: vertebrados.
Mexico City, Editorial Porrua, S.A. (1160 pp.).
Yerbury, J. W.; Thomas, Oldfield (detail)
On the mammals of Aden.
Proc. Zool. Soc. London 1895(3): 542-555. Oct. 1895 (read June 18, 1895).
–P. 555: {"35. Halicore dugong, Ill. / Dugong are to be found at Little Aden. One was on view during March 1895 at Steamer Point, and another was thrown up on the beach in front of the European Infantry lines about the same time and caused the municipal authorities some trouble before the carcass was disposed of."}
Yin, Tun (detail)
The dugong, Dugong dugon (Muller) in Burmese waters.
Jour. Bombay Nat. Hist. Soc. 67(2): 326-327. "Aug. 1970" (publ. Oct. 31, 1970).
–Lists several dugongs caught in Burma, 1964-70, and records the unsuccessful attempts to keep some of them alive in captivity. Notes that they are caught with nets for their meat and fat.
Yokel, Bernard J. (detail)
The endangered manatee: commitment and controversy.
Florida Naturalist 65(2): 14-15. 1 fig. Summer 1992.
–Presents the Florida Audubon Society's side of the controversy over its control of the Save the Manatee Club.
Yokel, Bernard J. (detail)
For the manatee: a solution and a commitment.
Florida Naturalist 66(2): 2, 19. Summer 1993.
–Reports the settlement of the legal dispute between the Florida Audubon Society and the Save the Manatee Committee.
Yomogida, H.: SEE Suzuki et al., 1986. (detail)
Yonenaga-Yassuda, Y.: SEE Assis et al., 1988. (detail)
Yoshida, K.: SEE Ohtomo et al., 1980. (detail)
Yoshida, Ken-ichi: SEE ALSO Inuzuka et al., 1984. (detail)
Yoshida, Ken-ichi (detail)
The paleoenvironment of Paleoparadoxia in the Chichibu Basin.
Monogr. Assoc. Geol. Collab. in Japan 28: 73-79. 3 tabs. 3 figs. May 1984.
–In Japanese; Engl. summ. See also T. Kamei (1984).
Yoshida, Mitsuo: SEE Kimura et al., 1983. (detail)
Yoshida, Sachiyo; Kimura, Masaichi (detail)
[Chap. 3: Description and classification of desmostylian specimens from the second discovery site (third expedition) in 1998.] In: [Research report on Akan vertebrate fossils (second report).]
Akan City (Japan), Akan City Board of Education, Akan Vertebrate Fossil Study Group: 29-53. 6 tabs. 24 figs. 4 pls. Mar. 2002.
–In Japanese.
Yoshida, Y.: SEE Uchida et al., 1978. (detail)
Yoshii, Michiko; Une, Mizuho; Kihira, Kenji; Kuramoto, Taiju; Hoshita, Takahiko (detail)
Synthesis of 5ß-cholestane-3a,6ß,7a,25,26-pentol and identification of a novel bile alcohol, a-trichechol, present in West Indian manatee bile.
Chem. Pharm. Bull. (Tokyo) 37(7): 1852-1854. 2 tabs. 2 figs.
–Confirms the structure of a-trichechol by synthesizing the substance and comparing it with the naturally-occurring bile alcohol.
Yoshiwara, Shigeyasu (= Tokunaga, Shigeyasu); Iwasaki, Chozo ("J[uzo]. Iwasaki") (detail)
Notes on a new fossil mammal.
Jour. Coll. Sci., Imper. Univ. Tokyo 16(6): 1-13. 4 figs. 3 pls.
–Rev.: M. Schlosser, Neues Jahrb. Min. Geol. Pal., Referate 1904(2): 464-465, 1904. The first Japanese paper on Desmostylus. Describes, but does not name, the Togari skull and mandible, and considers it a proboscidean on the advice of H. F. Osborn.
  Following an old custom, Yoshiwara adopted his wife's family name Tokunaga on the occasion of his marriage in 1903 (see Kohno, 2000: 149).
Young, Alison (detail)
ER for the endangered.
Southwest Airlines Spirit [vol.?]: 54-62. 3 figs.
–Pop. acc. of manatee rescue and rehabilitation efforts at Lowry Park Zoo, Tampa, during the Spring 1996 red tide outbreak in southwest Florida.
Young, Gavin (detail)
In search of Conrad.
Penguin Books: Illus.
–Dugong, 177.
Young, Opal Dean (detail)
Green salads and love to a sea giant.
Tallahassee, Florida Dept. Nat. Resources: 1-16. 7 figs. Sept. 1982.
–Children's story about Florida manatees. "A slightly different version of this story first appeared in the June/July 1981 issue of Wee Wisdom Magazine" (2).
Young, S.: SEE Ralph et al., 1985. (detail)
Young, Thomas (detail)
Narrative of a residence on the Mosquito shore: with an account of Truxillo, and the adjacent islands of Bonacca and Roatan: and a vocabulary of the Mosquitian language. Ed. 2.
London, Smith, Elder, & Co.: iv + 172.
–Harpooning manatees, 104.
Young, W. Glenn, Jr.: SEE Walsh et al., 1987. (detail)
Youngman, Phillip M.: SEE Forsten & Youngman, 1982. (detail)
Yu, Ming-jenn (detail)
Checklist of vertebrates of Taiwan.
Biol. Bull. (Taichung, Taiwan, Tunghai Univ.) 72: ???-???. May 1996.
–Lists D. dugon (m122).
Yule, Henry; Burnell, Arthur Coke (detail)
Hobson-Jobson; a glossary of colloquial Anglo-Indian words and phrases, and of kindred terms, etymological, historical, geographical and discursive.... New ed. edited by William Crooke, B.A.
London, J. Murray: xlviii + 1021.
–First ed., 1886. Sirs., 330.
Yunis, Alia (detail)
Sirens of the seagrass.
AramcoWorld 70(2): 32-37. 9 figs. March/April 2019.
–Gen. acc. of dugongs in the Arabian region and elsewhere.
Yushin, Kharlam: SEE Golder, F. A., 1922. (detail)

Daryl P. Domning, Research Associate, Department of Paleobiology, National Museum of Natural History, Smithsonian Institution, Washington, D.C. 20560, and Laboratory of Evolutionary Biology, Department of Anatomy, College of Medicine, Howard University, Washington, D.C. 20059.
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