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Aragones, Lemnuel V.; Marmontel, Miriam; Kendall, Sarita (detail)
Working with communities for sirenian conservation. Chap. 24 in: E. M. Hines et al. (eds.), Sirenian conservation: issues and strategies in developing countries (q.v.).
Gainesville, University Press of Florida (xiv + 326): 221-227.
–Includes box essay by Kanjana Adulyanukosol (p. 224, "Thailand").

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(SEE ALSO: Arctic Region; Bering Sea; China; East Indies; Indian Ocean; India; Japan; Red Sea; Russia; Sakhalin; Sri Lanka; Taiwan)
  2012c Aragones et al. (Thailand; working with communities for dugong conservation)

(SEE ALSO: Accidental Death or Injury; Economic Uses; Hunting and Capture; Weed Control)
  * 2012c Aragones et al. (working with communities for sir. conservation)

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