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Adulyanukosal, Kanjana; Poovachiranon, Sombat; Natakuathung, P. (detail)
Analysis of stomach contents of dugongs (Dugong dugon) from Trang Province.
Fishery Gazette 54(2): 129-137.
–In Thai.

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(SEE ALSO: Arctic Region; Bering Sea; China; East Indies; Indian Ocean; India; Japan; Red Sea; Russia; Sakhalin; Sri Lanka; Taiwan)
  2001 Adulyanukosal et al. (DD; Thailand; stomach contents)

Dugong dugon (Müller, 1776) Palmer, 1895
  2001 Adulyanukosal et al. (Thailand; stomach contents)

(SEE ALSO: Behavior, Ingestive; Captivity, Sirenians in; Digestive System; Food Plants; Weed Control) (NOTE: Plants reported as part of the captive but not the natural diet of sirs. will not necessarily be found under Food Plants. Papers referring to them are, however, indexed here.)
  2001 Adulyanukosal et al. (DD; Thailand; stomach contents)

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