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Athanassiou, Athanassios (detail)
On a Deinotherium (Proboscidea) finding in the Neogene of Crete.
Carnets de Géologie / Notebooks on Geology (Brest), Letter 2004/2005: 1-7. 1 tab. 4 figs.
–French summ. P. 2: {"Cranial and postcranial remains of a Miocene sirenian, Metaxytherium cuvieri, were found at the village of Achládia, WNW of Maroniá (Markopoulou-Diacantoni & Logos, 2004)."} The locality is in the Seteía District of eastern Crete. The citation is to an abstract in the proceedings of the 10th Congress of the Geological Society of Greece, Thessaloniki, 2004, pp. 152-153.

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Mediterranean Sea
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  x 2004 Athanassiou, A. (Metaxytherium cuvieri; Mioc., Crete; 2.)

Metaxytherium cuvierii (de Christol, 1832) de Christol in de Blainville, 1844
(= Metaxytherium medium)
  x 2004 Athanassiou, A. (Mioc., Crete; 2.)

  x 2004 Athanassiou, A. (Metaxytherium cuvieri; Crete; 2.)

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