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Abel, Othenio (detail)
Die Sirenen der mediterranen Tertiärbildungen Österreichs.
Abh. Geol. Reichsanst. Wien 19(2): vi + 223. 26 figs. 7 pls. June 1904.
–Abstrs.: Jahresber. Anat. Entwickl. (n.s.) 10(3): 184?; Geol. Mag. (5)2: 329-330, 1905?; Nature (London) 71: 351, 1905? Characterizes in detail Halitherium, Metaxytherium, and Felsinotherium, and gives extensive synonymies of the species of Metaxytherium, including M. Petersi, n.sp., and M. Meyeri, n.sp. Describes cranial and postcranial material of H. Christoli, M. Krahuletzi, and M. Petersi, comparing them with other fossil and living sirs. Concludes that the genus Metaxytherium had a polyphyletic origin from Halitherium Schinzi.

Related Index Records (10)

  * 1904a Abel, O.

Felsinotherium Capellini, 1872
(= Metaxytherium)
  * 1904a Abel, O.

Halitherium Kaup, 1838
  * 1904a Abel, O.

Halitherium christolii Fitzinger, 1842
  * 1904a Abel, O.

Metaxytherium de Christol, 1840
  * 1904a Abel, O.

Metaxytherium krahuletzi Depéret, 1895
  * 1904a Abel, O.

Metaxytherium meyeri Abel, 1904
(nomen dubium)
  * 1904a Abel, O.

Metaxytherium petersi Abel, 1904
(= Thalattosiren petersi)
  * 1904a Abel, O. (n.sp.)

Metaxytherium studeri (von Meyer, 1838) Depéret, 1895
(= Metaxytherium krahuletzi)
  1904a Abel, O.

Protosiren dolloi Abel, 1904
(= Prototherium veronense; nomen nudum)
  * 1904a Abel, O. (n.sp.; nomen nudum)

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