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Abel, Othenio (detail)
Die eocänen Sirenen der Mittelmeerregion. Erster Teil: Der Schädel von Eotherium aegyptiacum.
Palaeontographica 59: 289-360. 5 figs. Pls. 30-34.
–Abstr.: Geol. Zentralbl. 19: 525? Title page bears date "1912". Describes in detail the cranial anatomy of the Egyptian Middle Eocene species now called Eotheroides aegyptiacum. Abel also planned a study of its postcranial osteology, but this task was eventually carried out instead by Sickenberg (1934b).

Related Index Records (7)

Archaeosiren Abel, 1913
(nomen nudum; = Eosiren)
  * 1913a Abel, O.

Archaeosiren stromeri Abel, 1913
(nomen nudum; = Eosiren stromeri)
  * 1913 Abel, O.

(SEE ALSO: Red Sea)
  1913a Abel, O. (Eotherium aegyptiacum; Eoc.)

Eotherium aegyptiacum Owen, 1875
(= Eotheroides aegyptiacum)
  * 1913a Abel, O. (skull)

Eotherium markgrafi Abel, 1913
(nomen nudum)
  * 1913a Abel, O. (nomen nudum; comp. w/ E. aegyptiacum)

Halicorinae Abel, 1913
(subfamily; = Dugonginae)
  * 1913a Abel, O. (new subfamily)

Halitheriinae (Carus, 1868) Abel, 1913
  * 1913a Abel, O. (new rank)

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