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Acuña, Cristoval D' [and others] (detail)
Voyages and discoveries in South-America. The first up the River of Amazons to Quito in Peru, and back again to Brazil, perform'd at the command of the King of Spain. By Christopher d'Acvgna.... [pt. i.] A relation of the great river of Amazons in South-America. Containing all the particulars of Father Christopher d'Acugna's voyage, made at the command of the King of Spain. Taken from the Spanish original of the said Chr. d'Acugna, Jesuit.
London, Samuel Buckley: viii + 190 [= pt. i] + 79 + 68. 2 maps.
–Allen 143. Also an 1859 ed. (London, Hakluyt Soc.). See also Grillet & Bechamel (1698). Manatee, chap. 25, pp. 61-62. According to Allen (1882), "Consists almost exclusively of an account of the 'Pege Buey' [Manatus americanus], describing its appearance, how it is taken by the Indians, and extolling its flesh as an article of food. A note at the end refers to the trade in its flesh with the 'Antilles or Antego-Islands,' to which it is extensively exported."

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