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Adams, Arthur (detail)
Travels of a naturalist in Japan and Manchuria.
London, Hurst & Blackett: x + 334.
–P. 198: {"An imperfect skull of the Halicore, or dugong, was another grand addition to the number of my specimens."} This was collected on the shore of Aniwa Bay, Saghalien. Sowerby (1923: 136) believed this was actually a Hydrodamalis skull; he is probably wrong (see Domning, 1978b: 138).

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Dugong dugon (Müller, 1776) Palmer, 1895
  x v * 1870 Adams, A. (?dugong skull found in Sakhalin; 198.)

Halicore Illiger, 1811
(= Dugong)
  x 1870 Adams, A. (Sakhalin; 198.)

  x 1870 Adams, A. (specimen of ?DD; 198.)

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