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Aharoni, J. (detail)
Ayala vetachash [Deer and tachash].
Tarbiz 8 (1936-37): 319-339. 3 figs.
–In Hebrew with extensive quotations in other languages. According to Dr. J. Shoshani, the title is ambiguous (perhaps intentionally so) and can also be transliterated "Ela vetachash", meaning "Goat (or sheep) and tachash." The article discusses the identification of the animal referred to in the Bible (q.v.) as tachash, including past interpretations of it as a deer, goat, dugong, etc. Aharoni suggests that it may have been a narwhal (Monodon monoceros) or a deer (Cervus capreolus). See also Furman (1940?).

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