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Aharoni, J. (detail)
Die Säugtiere [sic] Palästinas.
Zs. Säugetierk. 5(6): 327-343. Dec. 22, 1930.
–Note on a supposed dugong captured at Tantura (between Haifa and Tel Aviv), having passed through the Suez Canal (330). However, as pointed out by Allen (1942), the fact that the animal was killed in a "shore cave" (Uferhöhle) suggests that it was actually a monk seal.

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Halicore hemprichii Ehrenberg, 1832
(= Dugong dugon)
  x 1930 Aharoni, J. (dispersal to Palestine via Suez Canal; 330.)

Mediterranean Sea
(SEE ALSO: Africa; Malta; other countries bordering the Mediterranean)
  x 1930 Aharoni, J. (DD; Palestine; dispersal via Suez Canal; 330.)

Red Sea
(SEE ALSO: Africa; Asia)
  x 1930 Aharoni, J. (DD; dispersal through Suez Canal; 330.)

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