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Allen, Glover M. (detail)
The former occurrence of the dugong in Chinese waters.
China Jour. (Shanghai) 22(2): 79-81. Feb. 1935.
–Calls attention to, quotes, and translates the account of the sea cow in de Goyer & de Keyser (1665). Comment by Sowerby appended, 81-82 (see Sowerby, 1935).

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  x 1935 Allen, G.M. (DD; 79-81.)

Dugong dugon (Müller, 1776) Palmer, 1895
  x 1935 Allen, G.M. ("D. dugong"; China; 79-81.)

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  x 1935 Allen, G.M. (DD; on land; 81.)

Medicinal Applications
(SEE ALSO: Economic Use)
  x 1935 Allen, G.M. (DD; China; tympanic bones; 81.)

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