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Allen, Joel Asaph (detail)
Zimmermann's 'Zoologiae Geographicae' and 'Geographische Geschichte' considered in their relation to mammalian nomenclature.
Bull. Amer. Mus. Nat. Hist. 16: 13-22. Jan. 1902.
–Notes that Manati gigas Zimmermann, 1780 [=Hydrodamalis gigas] is "at present recognized in nomenclature"; Manati Zimmermann, 1780 is said to be "of even date with Manatus Storr" (22).

Related Index Records (4)

Manati Steller, 1774
(= Hydrodamalis)
  x 1902 Allen, J.A. (Manati Zimmermann "of even date with Manatus Storr"; 22.)

Manati gigas Zimmermann, 1780
(= Hydrodamalis gigas)
  x 1902 Allen, J.A. ("at present recognized in nomenclature"; 22.)

Manatus BrĂ¼nnich, 1771
(= Trichechus)
  x 1902 Allen, J.A. ("Manatus Storr" "of even date with" Manati Zimmermann; 22.)

Rytina gigas (Zimmermann, 1780) Gray, 1850
(= Hydrodamalis gigas)
  x 1902 Allen, J.A. ("Rhytina"; syn. of Manati gigas; 22.)

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