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Allen, John H. (detail)
Some facts respecting the geology of Tampa Bay, Florida.
Amer. Jour. Sci. (2)1(1)(4): 38-42.
–P. 41: {"There are other beds of marl, apparently of a much more recent origin, one of which extends along the shore at Fort Brooke; it is an earthy mass containing vast quantities of oysters and other shells, extends a few hundred feet back from the shore, and is several feet in thickness. I have seen dug out of it bones of the Manatus or sea cow, an animal that still exists in the southern part of the peninsula."} These bones were probably Pleistocene in age.

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  x 1846 Allen, J.H. (Manatus; ?Pleist., Tampa Bay; 41.)

Manatus BrĂ¼nnich, 1771
(= Trichechus)
  x 1846 Allen, J.H. (?Pleist., Tampa Bay, Florida; 41.)

  x 1846 Allen, J.H. (Manatus; ?Pleist., Florida; 41.)

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