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Alston, Edward R. (detail)
Biologia Centrali-Americana. Mammalia.
London, R. H. Porter: xx + 220. 22 pls.
–Manatee, vi, xi, xvii, 90-96, pl. 7. Viewable at:

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Behavior, Shelter-seeking or Escape
(SEE ALSO: Hunting and Capture; Migration and Movements; Natural Death or Injury; Temperature, Effects of)
  1879-82 Alston, E.R.

Central America
(SEE ALSO: Belize; Costa Rica; Guatemala; Honduras; Mexico; Nicaragua; Panama)
  1879-82 Alston, E.R.

South America
(SEE ALSO under countries)
  1879-82 Alston, E.R.

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