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Ameghino, Florentino (detail)
Contribuciones al conocimiento de los mamíferos fósiles de los terrenos terciarios antiguos del Paraná.
Bol. Acad. Cienc. Córdoba 9: 1-228.
–Repr. in Ameghino's Obras, vol. 5: 179-325. Describes additional teeth of the supposed tapiroid Ribodon limbatus, contrasting it with Hyrachyus and Listriodon (147-151). Also describes as a tapiroid, and a close relative of Ribodon, the new genus and species Antaodon cinctus (151ff.), later thought by some to be a sir. but now considered a tayassuid.

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Antaodon Ameghino, 1886
  x * 1886 Ameghino, F. (A. cinctus, n.gen.n.sp., described as a tapiroid; 151ff.)

  x 1886 Ameghino, F. (Ribodon limbatus; 147-151.)

Ribodon Ameghino, 1883
  x 1886 Ameghino, F. (diagnosis; 147.)

Ribodon limbatus Ameghino, 1883
  x 1886 Ameghino, F. (Argentina; 147-151.)

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