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Anderson, Paul K. (detail)
The behavior of the dugong (Dugong dugon) in relation to conservation and management.
Bull. Mar. Sci. 31(3): 640-647. July 1981.
–Abstr.: Symp. Biol. Manage. Mangroves Trop. Shallow Water Communities 2: 15, 1980. Review of selected aspects of dugong behavior (patterns of habitat use, modes of foraging, diel activity cycles, surfacing and diving, net entanglement, responses to boats and divers, social behavior, and capture myopathy) with comments on the implications of each for conservation and management.

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Accidental Death or Injury
(SEE ALSO: Conservation; Hunting and Capture; Natural Death or Injury)
  x 1981a Anderson, P.K. (DD; mode of entanglement in nets; boat collisions; 643.)

Behavior (General and Miscellaneous)
(SEE ALSO: Birth and Breeding; Captivity, Sirenians in; Locomotion; Migration and Movements; Sound Production; Respiration and Diving; and under species)
  x 1981a Anderson, P.K. (DD; behavior & conservation; 640-647.)

Behavior, Aggregative
(SEE ALSO: Aerial Surveys of Distribution)
  x 1981a Anderson, P.K. (DD; social interactions; 644-645)

Behavior, Epimeletic
  x 1981a Anderson, P.K. (DD; cow-calf behavior; 644.)

Behavior, Ingestive
(SEE ALSO: Behavior, Epimeletic; Behavior, Et-epimeletic; Food; Mastication; Milk)
  x 1981a Anderson, P.K. (DD; persistent grazing of preferred sites, 640-641; uprooting seagrasses, 641.)

Behavior, Investigative, and Sense Perception
(SEE ALSO: Sense Organs; Sound Production)
  x 1981a Anderson, P.K. (DD; investigation & range of detection of boats & divers; 642-645.)

Behavior, Shelter-seeking or Escape
(SEE ALSO: Hunting and Capture; Migration and Movements; Natural Death or Injury; Temperature, Effects of)
  x 1981a Anderson, P.K. (DD; movements in response to weather & disturbance, & for parturition, 641; avoiding boats & divers, 643-644.)

(SEE ALSO: Accidental Death or Injury; Economic Uses; Hunting and Capture; Weed Control)
  x 1981a Anderson, P.K. (DD; conservation & behavior; 640-647.)

Dugong dugon (Müller, 1776) Palmer, 1895
  x * 1981a Anderson, P.K. (behavior & conservation; 640-647.)

Food Plants: Amphibolis antarctica
  x 1981a Anderson, P.K. (DD; feeding behavior; 641.)

Food Plants: Halophila ovalis
  x 1981a Anderson, P.K. (DD feeding behavior; 641.)

Food Plants: Zostera capricornis
  x 1981a Anderson, P.K. ("Z. capricorni"; DD; Australia; feeding behavior; 641.)

Migration and Movements
(SEE ALSO: Behavior, Aggregative; Behavior, Shelter-seeking; Locomotion; Temperature, Effects of)
  x 1981a Anderson, P.K. (DD; patterns of habitat use; 640-642.)

(SEE ALSO: Bacteriology; Biochemistry; Natural Death or Injury; Parasites; Parasitology; Pollution, Effects of; Temperature, Effects of; Teratology; Virology)
  x 1981a Anderson, P.K. (DD; capture myopathy; 645-646.)

Respiration and Diving
(SEE ALSO: Locomotion)
  x 1981a Anderson, P.K. (DD; diving times & behavior; 642-643.)

Trichechus manatus Linnaeus, 1758
  x 1981a Anderson, P.K. (behavior, comp. w/ DD; 642-644.)

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