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Andrews, Charles William (detail)
A descriptive catalogue of the Tertiary Vertebrata of the Fayƻm, Egypt. Based on the collection of the Egyptian government in the Geological Museum, Cairo, and on the collection in the British Museum (Natural History), London.
London, Trustees of the Brit. Mus.: xxxvii + 324. Frontisp. 3 + 98 figs. 26 pls.
–Abstrs.: Jahresber. Anat. Entwickl. (n.s.) 12(3): 165-166?; Nature (London) 74: 175-178?; Sci. Prog. 1: 498?; Geol. Mag. (5)3: 266-269? Sirs., 197-218, pl. 20. Provides a further description of the skull (198-204), mandible (209-210), and postcranial elements (212-215) of Eosiren libyca from the Fayum. Also describes and illustrates (204-209) a skull of "Eotherium aegyptiacum (?)" from the Mokattam Hills which later became the holotype of Protosiren fraasi Abel, 1907, and a mandible thought to be associated with this latter specimen (210-212).

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  * 1906 Andrews, C.W.

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