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Andreyev, Aleksandr Ignat'evich (Ed.) (detail)
Russkie otkrytiya v Tikhom Okeane i Severnoy Amerike v XVIII-XIX vekakh [Russian discoveries in the Pacific Ocean and in North America in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.]
Moscow & Leningrad, Akad. Nauk SSSR, All-Union Geogr. Soc.
–Engl. transl.: Andreyev (1952).

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Bering Sea
(SEE ALSO: Alaska; Asia; Hydrodamalis and synonyms; Pacific Ocean)
  1944 Andreyev, A.I.

Hunting and Capture
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  1944 Andreyev, A.I. (HG)

Hydrodamalis gigas (Zimmermann, 1780) Palmer, 1895
  1944 Andreyev, A.I.

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