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Andreyev, Aleksandr Ignat'evich (Ed.) (detail)
Russian discoveries in the Pacific and in North America in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.
Ann Arbor, J. W. Edwards, for Amer. Council of Learned Socs.: ii + 214.
–Translation by Carl Ginsburg of Andreyev (1944). Mentions the hunting of "sea-cows" (presumably on Bering Island) by the Glotov-Ponomarev expedition, which wintered on Copper Island in 1758-9 (19-20).

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Bering Sea
(SEE ALSO: Alaska; Asia; Hydrodamalis and synonyms; Pacific Ocean)
  x 1952 Andreyev, A.I. (HG; Commander Islands; hunted, 1758-59; 19.)

Hunting and Capture
(SEE ALSO: Accidental Death or Injury; Archeological Sites, Sirenians at; Captivity, Sirenians in; Conservation; Economic Use; Natural Enemies; Weed Control)
  x 1952 Andreyev, A.I. (HG; Bering Is., 1758-59; 19.)

Hydrodamalis gigas (Zimmermann, 1780) Palmer, 1895
  x 1952 Andreyev, A.I. (Bering Is.; hunting, 1758-59; 19.)

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