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Annandale, N. (detail)
Notes on the species, external characters and habits of the dugong.
Jour. Proc. Asiatic Soc. Bengal (n.s.) 1(9): 238-243. Pls. 7-9. "Nov. 1905" (publ. Jan. 10, 1906).
–Detailed account of the external anatomy of an Indian dugong, with comments on dugong behavior and hunting in India, Andaman Islands, and Australia. Halicore australis is synonymized with H. dugong. Stomach contents of one specimen were unbruised green algae.
  According to Pocock (1940: 331), a "final report" on dugong systematics by Annandale was withdrawn because of the publications by Dexler & Freund (1906a, b, c).

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(SEE ALSO: Brain and Nervous System; Circulatory System; Digestive System; Embryology; Endocrinology; Growth Rates; Histology; Myology; Pathology; Respiratory System; Skeleton; Urogenital System; and under species)
  x 1906 Annandale, N. (DD; external morphology & measurements; 238-241, pls. 7-9.)

  x 1906 Annandale, N. (DD; netting; 242.)

Behavior, Aggregative
(SEE ALSO: Aerial Surveys of Distribution)
  x 1906 Annandale, N. (DD; India & Andaman Islands; m241.)

Behavior, Agonistic and Territorial
  x 1906 Annandale, N. (DD; ?fighting for females; m243.)

Behavior, Epimeletic
  x 1906 Annandale, N. (DD; not observed carrying young; 243.)

Behavior, Ingestive
(SEE ALSO: Behavior, Epimeletic; Behavior, Et-epimeletic; Food; Mastication; Milk)
  x 1906 Annandale, N. (DD; India; 242-243.)

Birth and Breeding
(SEE ALSO: Age Determination; Behavior, Sexual; Population Biology; Urogenital System)
  x 1906 Annandale, N. (DD; India; with young; 243.)

Economic Uses
(SEE ALSO: Archeological Sites, Sirenia at; Hunting and Capture; Medicinal Applications; Religious, Superstitious, or Ornamental Use or Observance; Weed Control)
  x 1906 Annandale, N. (DD; India; meat, oil; 242.)

(SEE ALSO: Behavior, Ingestive; Captivity, Sirenians in; Digestive System; Food Plants; Weed Control) (NOTE: Plants reported as part of the captive but not the natural diet of sirs. will not necessarily be found under Food Plants. Papers referring to them are, however, indexed here.)
  x 1906 Annandale, N. (DD; India; green alga; 242.)

Halicore australis (Retzius, 1794) Owen, 1847
(= Dugong dugon)
  x * 1906 Annandale, N. (synonymized with H. dugong; 238.)

Halicore dugong (Gmelin, 1788) Illiger, 1811
(= Dugong dugon)
  x * 1906 Annandale, N. (India, 238-243; Australia, 238, 242; Andaman Islands, 241.)

Hunting and Capture
(SEE ALSO: Accidental Death or Injury; Archeological Sites, Sirenians at; Captivity, Sirenians in; Conservation; Economic Use; Natural Enemies; Weed Control)
  x 1906 Annandale, N. (DD; India, nets, 241-242; Australia, nets, 242.)

(SEE ALSO: Indian Ocean)
  x * 1906 Annandale, N. (DD; Gulf of Mannar; 238-243.)

Indian Ocean
(SEE ALSO: Africa; Asia; Australia; East Indies; India; Madagascar; Red Sea; Sri Lanka)
  x 1906 Annandale, N. (DD; Andaman Islands; m241.)

  x 1906 Annandale, N. (DD; skin, hair, fat; 239.)

(SEE ALSO: Behavior, Epimeletic; Behavior, Ingestive)
  x 1906 Annandale, N. (DD; milk secretion; m240.)

Natural Death or Injury
(SEE ALSO: Captivity, Sirenians in; Natural Enemies; Pathology; Temperature, Effects of)
  x 1906 Annandale, N. (DD; ?shark bite; m240.)

Natural Enemies
(SEE ALSO: Natural Death or Injury)
  x 1906 Annandale, N. (DD: India; sharks; m240.)

Religious, Superstitious, or Ornamental Use or Observance
(SEE ALSO: Economic Use; Mermaid Legend)
  x 1906 Annandale, N. (DD; Malays; tears, ritual killing; 241.)

Respiration and Diving
(SEE ALSO: Locomotion)
  x 1906 Annandale, N. (DD; netted at 10-12 fathoms; 242.)

Sense Organs
(SEE ALSO: Behavior, Investigative, and Sense Perception; Brain and Nervous System; Digestive System; Skeleton; Sound Production)
  x 1906 Annandale, N. (dugong tears; 241.)

Vernacular Names
  x 1906 Annandale, N. (DD; Malay, Tamil; 238, 241.)

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