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Annandale, N. (detail)
The appendicular skeleton of the dugong (Halicore dugong).
Recs. Ind. Mus. Calcutta 1(1): 79-80. 4 figs. June 1907.
–Comments on the pelvis (79) and manus (79-80); the latter is shown to be extremely variable.

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Halicore dugong (Gmelin, 1788) Illiger, 1811
(= Dugong dugon)
  x 1907 Annandale, N. (pelvis, 79; manus, 79-80.)

(SEE ALSO: Age Determination; Embryology and Ontogeny; Histology; Myology; Sense Organs; Tooth Replacement; and under species)
  x 1907 Annandale, N. (DD; pelvis, 79; manus, 79-80.)

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