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Aoki, Bunichir├┤; Tateishi, Shinkichi; Tanaka, Ry├┤; Furuhata, Kitao (detail)
Anatomical notes on the dugong.
Kagaku no Taiwan (Jour. Taiwan Museum Assoc.) 6(5): 491-518. 21 figs. + cover illustrations. Oct. 1938.
–In Japanese with some titles and captions in Engl. A copy of fig. 7, showing an embryo in utero, also appeared on the cover of the Oct. 1937 issue (vol. 5, no. 5).

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(SEE ALSO: Brain and Nervous System; Circulatory System; Digestive System; Embryology; Endocrinology; Growth Rates; Histology; Myology; Pathology; Respiratory System; Skeleton; Urogenital System; and under species)
  1938 Aoki et al. (DD)

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