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Applegate, Shelton P. (detail)
The El Cien Formation, strata of Oligocene and early Miocene age in Baja California Sur.
Rev. Inst. Geol. Univ. Nac. Autón. México 6(2): 145-162. 15 figs.
–Illustrates a partial tooth of Cornwallius sookensis (IGM 3688) from Punta San Carlos, Baja California Sur (157-158, figs. 12-13). The "three desmostylid skulls" said to be in a museum in Mexicali reportedly turned out to be cetaceans (L. G. Barnes, pers. comm.).

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Baja California
  x D 1986 Applegate, S.P. (Cornwallius sookensis; Late Olig.; 157-158.)

Cornwallius sookensis (Cornwall, 1922) Hay, 1923
  x D 1986 Applegate, S.P. (Late Olig., Baja California; 157-158.)

  x D 1986 Applegate, S.P. (Cornwallius sookensis; Late Olig., Baja California; 157-158.)

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