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Aragones, Lemnuel V.; Marsh, Helene D. (detail)
Impact of dugong grazing and turtle cropping on tropical seagrass communities.
Pacif. Conserv. Biol. 5: 277-288. 3 tabs. 2 figs.
–Elaborate simulations of leaf-cropping and rhizome removal in 2 seagrass beds in Australia's Great Barrier Reef region, extending over 1-13 months, showed that "herbivory" improved the structure and dynamics of these communities from the viewpoint of megaherbivores, by altering biomass, detritus volume, productivity, and species composition. Recovery occurred after several months to a year.

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  x 2000 Aragones & Marsh (DD; Great Barrier Reef; simulated grazing & seagrass recovery; 277-288.)

Behavior, Ingestive
(SEE ALSO: Behavior, Epimeletic; Behavior, Et-epimeletic; Food; Mastication; Milk)
  x * 2000 Aragones & Marsh (DD; Australia; simulated feeding trails & seagrass recovery; 277-288.)

Community Ecology
(SEE ALSO: Food; Food Plants; Natural Enemies; Paleoecology; Parasites; Parasitology)
  x * 2000 Aragones & Marsh (DD; Australia; impact of simulated grazing on seagrass communities; 277-288.)

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