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Arldt, Theodor (detail)
Zur Atlantisfrage.
Natw. Wochenschr. 22(= n.s. 6)(43): 673-679. 1 map. Oct. 27, 1907.
–Cites the presence of Manatus and the supposed presence of Prorastomus on both sides of the Atlantic as evidence of former transatlantic land connections (674).

Related Index Records (3)

Manatus BrĂ¼nnich, 1771
(= Trichechus)
  x 1907b Arldt, T. (biogeographic significance; 674.)

Prorastoma veronense (de Zigno, 1875) Lydekker, 1892
(= Prototherium veronense)
  x 1907b Arldt, T. ("P. veronensis"; biogeographic significance; 674.)

Prorastomus sirenoides Owen, 1855
  x 1907b Arldt, T. (biogeographic significance; 674.)

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