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Arvy, Lucie (detail)
L'ostéopétrose mandibulaire chez Physeter macrocephalus L.
Vie et Milieu 30(3-4): 309-314. 1 fig. Sept.-Dec. 1980.
–Engl. summ.Regards the high bone density of sirs. as a pathological condition, "osteopetrosis", possibly due to thyroid malfunction and perhaps even responsible for the ease of extermination of Hydrodamalis gigas, which is supposed by Arvy to have been nearly blind (309, 312)!

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  x 1980 Arvy, L. (thyroid malfunction as supposed cause of high bone density in sirs.; 312.)

Hydrodamalis gigas (Zimmermann, 1780) Palmer, 1895
  x 1980 Arvy, L. (extinction attributed to supposed "osteopetrosis"; 312.)

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  x 1980 Arvy, L. (high bone density in sirs. considered pathological; 312.)

Sense Organs
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  x 1980 Arvy, L. (HG; supposed near-blindness; 312.)

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  x 1980 Arvy, L. (osteopetrosis; 309, 312,)

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