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Asper, Edward D.; Searles, Stan W. (detail)
Husbandry of injured and orphaned manatees at Sea World of Florida. In: R. L. Brownell, Jr., & K. Ralls (eds.), The West Indian manatee in Florida. Proceedings of a workshop held in Orlando, Florida 27-29 March 1978 (q.v.).
Tallahassee, Florida Dept. Nat. Res. (iv + 154): 121-127. 3 tabs. 3 figs.
–Describes the care of three injured adults and one orphaned calf, emphasizing their diets (including artificial milk formula), food intake, and weight gain. See also Beusse et al. (1981b) regarding the three adults.

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Captivity, Sirenians in
(SEE ALSO: Hunting and Capture; Weed Control)
  x 1981 Asper & Searles (TML; Florida; care of injured & orphaned animals; 121-127.)

  x 1981 Asper & Searles (TML; in capt., Orlando; husbandry; 121-127.)

(SEE ALSO: Behavior, Ingestive; Captivity, Sirenians in; Digestive System; Food Plants; Weed Control) (NOTE: Plants reported as part of the captive but not the natural diet of sirs. will not necessarily be found under Food Plants. Papers referring to them are, however, indexed here.)
  x 1981 Asper & Searles (TML; in capt., Florida; misc. vegetables, tube feeding, 121, 123, 125; artificial formula, 125-127.)

Food Plants: Eichhornia
(water hyacinth; Pontederiaceae)
  x 1981 Asper & Searles (TM; Florida; in capt.; parts eaten; 121.)

Food Plants: Pistia
  x 1981 Asper & Searles (TM; Florida; in capt.; 121.)

(SEE ALSO: Behavior, Epimeletic; Behavior, Ingestive)
  x 1981 Asper & Searles (TML; artificial formula; 126-127.)

Tagging Methods and Recognition
  x 1981 Asper & Searles (TML; Florida; freezebranding; m122-123.)

Temperature, Effects of
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  x 1981 Asper & Searles (TML; in capt., Florida; decline in food consumption; 124.)

Trichechus manatus Linnaeus, 1758
  x 1981 Asper & Searles (Florida; captive husbandry; 121-127.)

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