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Assis, M. F. L.; Best, Robin Christopher; Barros, R. M. S.; Yonenaga-Yassuda, Y. (detail)
Cytogenetic study of Trichechus inunguis (Amazonian manatee).
Rev. Brasil. Genet. 11(1): 41-50. 6 figs.
–Portuguese summ. Describes the chromosomes of 5 male and 4 female manatees and their banding patterns; reports that 2n = 56, FN = 82, and that the nucleolar organizing genes are on the secondary constriction of the short arm of pair 20. Suggests that Robertsonian rearrangements may be responsible for the karyotypic differences between T. inunguis and T. manatus.

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(SEE ALSO: Phylogeny and Affinities)
  x 1988 Assis et al. (TI; karyotype; 41-50.)

Trichechus inunguis (Natterer in von Pelzeln, 1883) Thomas and Lydekker, 1897
  x 1988 Assis et al. (cytogenetics; 41-50.)

Trichechus manatus Linnaeus, 1758
  x 1988 Assis et al. (chromosomes, comp. w/ TI; 48-49.)

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