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Atkins, John (detail)
A voyage to Guinea, Brazil, and the West-Indies; in His Majesty's Ships, the Swallow and Weymouth. Describing the several islands and settlements, viz- Madeira, the Canaries, Cape de Verde, Sierraleon, Sesthos, Cape Apollonia, Cabo Corso, and others on the Guinea Coast; Barbadoes, Jamaica, &c. in the West Indies. The colour, diet, languages, habits, manners, customs, and religions of the respective natives and inhabitants. With remarks on the gold, ivory, and slave-trade; and on winds, tides, and currents of the several coasts.
London, Caesar Ward & Richard Chandler: xxv + 265.
–Allen 202. The 1737 "edition" is identical, having merely a new title page. Describes the external characters of the "Manatea" and the mode of its capture in the Sierraleon River (42-43). See also Prévost (1747).

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  1735 Atkins, J.

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