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Aung, Sithu Hla (detail)
A brief note on dugongs Dugong dugon at Rangoon Zoo.
Internatl. Zoo Yearbook 7: 221.
–Brief account of two dugongs caught near Akyab, Burma, in 1965 and 1966, the latter still alive at writing. Alludes to food, salinity, accidental capture in a fishing net, and status in the Arakan Sea.

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(SEE ALSO: Arctic Region; Bering Sea; China; East Indies; Indian Ocean; India; Japan; Red Sea; Russia; Sakhalin; Sri Lanka; Taiwan)
  x 1967 Aung, S.H. (DD; Burma; 221.)

Captivity, Sirenians in
(SEE ALSO: Hunting and Capture; Weed Control)
  x 1967 Aung, S.H. (DD; Rangoon; 221.)

Dugong dugon (Müller, 1776) Palmer, 1895
  x 1967 Aung, S.H. (Burma; 221.)

(SEE ALSO: Behavior, Ingestive; Captivity, Sirenians in; Digestive System; Food Plants; Weed Control) (NOTE: Plants reported as part of the captive but not the natural diet of sirs. will not necessarily be found under Food Plants. Papers referring to them are, however, indexed here.)
  x 1967 Aung, S.H. (DD; in capt., Rangoon; 221.)

Hunting and Capture
(SEE ALSO: Accidental Death or Injury; Archeological Sites, Sirenians at; Captivity, Sirenians in; Conservation; Economic Use; Natural Enemies; Weed Control)
  x 1967 Aung, S.H. (DD; Burma; net; m221.)

(SEE ALSO: Respiration and Diving)
  x 1967 Aung, S.H. (DD; in capt.; swimming; 221.)

Salinity Tolerance
(SEE ALSO: Behavior, Ingestive)
  x * 1967 Aung, S.H. (DD; Burma; 221.)

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