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Akani, Godfrey C.; Aifesehi, Pedro E. E.; Petrozzi, Fabio; Amadi, Nioking; Luiselli, Luca (detail)
Diversity of terrestrial vertebrates in Taylor Creek forest reserve, an area of high environmental value in the River Niger Delta (Bayelsa State, Nigeria).
Vie et Milieu - Life and Environment 64: 59-68. Dec. 2014.
–ABSTRACT: The Taylor Creek Forest reserve (Bayelsa State) is one of the most important protected areas of the River Niger Delta region, southern Nigeria. Unfortunately, however, no field studies are available on the diversity of the terrestrial vertebrates (amphibians, reptiles, mammals) in this protected territory. Here, we report the results of field surveys devoted to assess on a preliminary base the vertebrate diversity of Taylor Creek Forest reserve. Mammals and amphibians were assessed only qualitatively, whereas reptiles were assessed also quantitatively within 15 plots of 2 ha area. We detected about 70 vertebrate species (some genera may include multiple species that remained non-detected in our surveys). Several of the recorded species were of high conservation concern (e.g. manatee, dwarf crocodile, hinge-back tortoises, etc.). The presence of the endangered Nigerian chimpanzee was suspected for the Forest Reserve, and indeed few groups of this species do occur in the surroundings of the protected area. Analysis of the reptile diversity suggested that, however, species dominance was high and evenness was low, with very few lizard species dominating the samples. Thus, the reptile community diversity profile revealed altered ecological conditions in this forest area. The conservation implications of the observed patterns are also discussed.

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